Adapting to Virtual Performances

The COVID pandemic threw a wrench in everyone’s plans, and we know how difficult it was for everyone on many different levels. It especially hurt the entertainment industry – specifically live music. But with a challenge comes an opportunity, and the musicians of AB5 were thankful to have the ability to collaborate virtually with each other and with others in the live music space. Teaching lessons digitally on Zoom allowed our musicians to continue educating students of all ages on the techniques and theories of instrumental music, and connecting on JamKazam allowed them to share the gift of music around the world while enjoying the “live” aspect of a performance in a safe environment.

Adapting to a virtual environment also enabled our musicians to keep honing their craft and staying sharp. Yes, even after amassing decades of experience and accolades, the most talented musicians still practice in order to continually advance their skills and expand their repertoire. This drive is what keeps the passion for pursuing live music as a business alive and what keeps fueling their success and happiness. It’s also what you hear every time you listen to an AB5 performance.

The virtual environment will continue as long as it needs to until our audiences feel comfortable returning to an in-person setting. It also has added a new channel through which we can continue to reach our listeners, even once we are all back in theatres and clubs.

We invite you to enjoy our music digitally from the comfort of your own home and to keep us at the top of your list when you are ready to dive back into the live music experience that simply can’t be replaced.

Stay safe,


Check out our SoundCloud demo reel below:

or our YouTube channel:

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