AB5 is a jazz quintet that plays America’s Songbook. Its mission is to keep alive many of our most beloved songs and jazz standards, while incorporating elements including swing, latin, fusion, and ballad. Most importantly, there is a synergy with the members that cannot be denied. AB5 is led by saxophonist Artie Bakopolus who brought on board keyboardist Dennis Cecere, bassist John Doherty, drummer Jody Bregler, and guitarist Fred Woodard. These bandmates have played together for many years in various arrangements but all agree this group swings the most!


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Catch a glimpse of the skill, passion, and fun that is evident in every note played by AB5. While nothing can truly capture the experience of a live performance, these audio and video tracks will give you a taste of what may be in store the next time you come to an AB5 show.


Check out our 5-song demo disc on SoundCloud for a taste of AB5’s unique flavor.


Track 1: If I Only Had a Brain
Track 2: Freight Trane
Track 3: Alice in Wonderland
Track 4: Girl Talk
Track 5: Biji


Get a taste of a few different AB5 performances:


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